World Premiere: Eric Benet shines on Cuban and American blend, “The Rhythm”

Next week, one of the most ambitious new albums of the year will be released digitally. At a time of strife around the world, Two Beats, One Soul arrives, a 13 track album showcasing the fusion of Cuban and American music. The album, executive produced by Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew along with their partners Mark and Kathy Grier, will celebrate and explore the evolution of two cultures focused on Cuba’s impact on worldwide music by recreating traditional Cuban sounds and rhythms in today’s musical landscape.

Two Beats, One Soul features music from producers Ray Chew, Louie Vega, Sergio George and Cuba’s own, Manolito Simonet. Simonet also joins fellow Cuban artists Ruben and Gabriel Rodriguez,Xiomara Laugart and Milagros Hodelin. Representing the US are R&B/Soul mainstays Eric Benét, Jon B. and Josh Milan. Rounding out the project is Latin/Pop/Latin Soul artists Jean Rodriguez and Anané.

One of the songs that struck us was a sexy midtempo featuring Cuban rhythms but with a soulful performance on top by longtime favorite, Eric Benet. The song, which has a different feel than much of the rest of the album, is, for us, a fantastic fusion of styles, and the kind of number that urban adult contemporary radio would be wise to take on. It’s that good.

We’re proud to present the WORLD PREMIERE of “The Rhythm.” Find that someone you love, and check out “The Rhythm” together. And get ready for Two Beats, One Soul! 

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