Jules Debuts New Music

Reviewer: Willem van O.

Jules “Say You Will” is one of Jules Jewels that has that romantic vibe up and running. It leaves no time to grab your hands in able to drag you through your miserable life, straight into a unsuspected marriage with someone you never had heard off until a second ago. How romantically brave and adventurous. Jules brings your head in the pink clouds of love, gentle and tender with that sexiness of a sax that you always could rely on.

Somehow this music will make you feel dazed & when you wake up buying that diamond ring from your safety money; you just know that this must have been extremely powerful music in the seduction side of life. Jules jewel of a voice is smooth and plenty, sounding like a classic singer of the good old ballads days & with her video of her chilling out in the outside & behind the steer of car is simply a phenomenal combination. These might not be the visuals you would expect (no wedding gowns and grooms) but do bring a nice face to the favorable music.

What could a person say more, other than pointing towards the video, asking to open your ears and heart & let this love potion in for a nice little romantic ride… what can go wrong? Ending up happily married? That’s the risk you should simply take:

admin posted on September 20, 2017 in Artists Featured

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