Special Time

World Premiere: Emanuel Harrold finds a “Special Time” on cool new song


(June 29, 2017) St. Louis native and Grammy Award-winning drummer, composer, and producer Emanuel Harrold is currently on tour with Gregory Porter, so he has a head start in our book. And he is a road warrior, having played in over 2,000 shows around the world.

Emanuel also has a new EP coming this Fall that we can’t wait to hear. In the meantime, he is gracing us all with a brand new single that features singer and trombonist, Saunders Sermons II. Special Time seamlessly blends elements of soul and jazz to give a cool vibe that will work on just about any Summer day.

Emanuel tells us, Special Time for me is an idea of the occupation united space. Pursuing harmony, understanding, and living in unique moments. Two totally different people sharing one common idea: love. The concept for the video came about as I was walking, and I began thinking about ants working, creating, existing—really abstract but that came to mind. Everyday routines creating and making their existence an effective reality. Also, the combination of my extensive touring schedule being away from loved ones fueled words which turned into a song. I wanted to approach the visual on a basic 2D level so that both adult and youth can get the message. The storyline takes you along a simple journey throughout my day.”

We’re proud to present the WORLD PREMIERE of the animated music video for Special Time.

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