Rockin Big Daddy

The History of WRBD Rockin Big Daddy Radio

From the 1950s until the 1990s, AM 1470 was the home of soul/R&B station WRBD with studios on Rock Island Road in Lauderhill. The call letters WRBD stood for Rockin Big Daddy and featured South Florida radio legends like Joe Fisher, “The Crown Prince” and “The Mad Hatter”. In the 1950s and 1960s WRBD’s, program director was Bob Gaynor who had been in Miami radio all over the AM dial reporting news since the 1950s. Bob Gaynor left radio to teach radio broadcasting at Miami-Lakes Tech. He retired after over 30 years of teaching and died in 2013

James Thomas (“James T”) and Jerry Rushen were involved with WRBD in addition to their legendary 30-plus years at WEDR 99.1 in Miami and now its Cox Broadcasting sister station WHQT “Hot 105”. James T was a DJ on WRBD early in his career.

AM 1470 WRBD was very popular soul music station with a signal that covered most of South Florida but broadcast only during daytime hours until the 1980s. During the mid-1970s many WRBD personalities also hosted night time soul music programs on 102.7 which was once a sister station to WRBD as WRBD-FM, then WCKO(FM).

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cheryl denson October 11, 2017

Wcko and wrbd brings back good old memories as a child and teenager

Hylan Smith March 8, 2018

Good Morning, you did not mention, Charles E Anthony and Milo The Burner, where are those guys these days? Please help me with information or both of these gentlemen. I followed WRBD from the 70’s era when WRBD had the best Radio Personel, Crown Prince Mad Hatter and Charles E Anthony Cooker Man and Milo The Burner and Jerry Jay could only work the Air on weekends when these guys were off! Thank I would appreciate you help on any info on them.

    admin March 12, 2018

    Hello Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for your email response. We have been able to contact Joe Fisher, James T, John Hill, Charles Mitchell and Dr J. We will continue to reach out with other staff how worked at the station in any capacity. We must not let the past fade away. These were the pioneers who put radio where is is today. We will continue to reflect on the past. Again, thank you for sending you email and please continue to listen to WRBD Radio.

Terrance Bodie March 13, 2018

Hi i am from the bahamas and remembers listening to a gent by the name of jimmy g in the 70s, do you remember him and where is he. I think his name was Jimmy Griffin.

Taron Hill April 13, 2018

What happened to storming norman

Bri June 15, 2018

Good morning!
Nice article, but no mention of the first black DJ in Broward County, Oscar Small, Sr.

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